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FIC: Lost Shadows

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Title: Lost Shadows.
Author: Lakela.
Pairing: Petunia/Snape
Rating: NC-17 (for darkish smut – that turned out kind of fluffy, actually)
Disclaimer: I don't claim ownership or make any profit. Unfortunately, not mine.
Spoilers: Some spoilers for book 7 (though mostly AU due to bad memory)
Summary: The news about Snape’s death bring memories back to Petunia about the weird young man in love with her sister.

A/N: This is my first attempt at a HP fic and I must confess I’m not all that familiar w/ the fandom. But I find both Snape and Petunia to be fascinating characters (it helps that they’re played by two of my all time favorite actors) so I couldn’t resist pairing them up. This is the result…

Beta-read by the amazing [info]lynchgrrrl88  - Thank you!!! -  (though all mistakes are on me, for I like to change things around, even once it's been beta-read)

Fake cut...

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I friend-locked all my posts, but i still haven't figured out how to make the fanfiction available to those who want to read it. I guess doing real cuts instead of fake cuts redirected to my journal would be best.. anyway! For now i've unlocked the post, if you're interested.


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I'd have liked to read that :/

(I love your icon!)
Thanks! *goes over*
Man, I really want to read this now, but I can't. I still have access denied. You think maybe you could post it up on
Hello! I answered on anon but the message got screened, so here goes again.
The fic can now be found at AO3, here's the link: